Reference Policy
When using official information and quoting the statements of the participants of the International Forum "ATOMEXPO" (hereinafter - the Forum), the finished materials should contain a reference of the Forum and the source of the information received, for electronic media - contain a link to the Forum website if information is taken from the site.Any changes, additions or distortions to the copied (quoted) information are not allowed. When receiving information from citizens and officials participating in the Forum, media representatives should inform them about audio and video recording, film and photography. Quoting participants of the Forum should occur with their personal consent. Willful dissemination of false or distorted information on behalf of or with reference to the participants/organizers of the Forum will be prosecuted by law.
News agencies - news and / or other messages issued during the work and / or following the results of the Forum, should include the mention of the Forum (name and / or logo).
Print media / Internet publications - any materials (news, articles, interviews, etc.) published during the course of the work and / or following the results of the Forum should include the mention of the Forum (name and / or logo).
TV / Radio - stories or interviews filmed or recorded on the Forum should include the mention of the Forum (name and / or logo).
Photo materials- any photos taken at the Forum venue must contain a mention of the Forum in the image or in the signature (text and/or logo).
Blogs/social networks – when using official information received as part of participation in the Forum, quoting statements of participants finished materials placed on the Internet (blogs, social networks, etc.), must contain reliable facts and references Forum (name and/or logo).
The organizers of the Forum are not responsible for the statements of participants in the chattering classes and social networks.
The organizers inform that they retain the right to use the texts of articles, photos and video materials received or created by media representatives during the preparation or holding of the Forum, with reference to the media or the author of the material.

Accreditation rules
1. Accreditation of mass media (the Media) representatives at the ATOMEXPO International Forum (the Forum) is performed for the purpose of ensuring the proper working conditions for professional activities of the Media representatives preparing and distributing complete and accurate information on the Forum events.
2. Accreditation of the Media representatives is performed in accordance with the Law of the Russian Federation “On Mass Media” and these Regulations, to ensure mutually beneficial cooperation and regulate the operations of the Media representatives during the Forum.
3. Accreditation of the Media representatives is mandatory for working at all Forum events.
4. Representatives of the Russian Media registered with the Federal Service for Supervision in the Sphere of Telecom, Information Technologies and Mass Communications (ROSKOMNADZOR) in accordance with the Law of the Russian Federation “On Mass Media”, and representatives of the foreign Media registered in accordance with their national legislation, are eligible for accreditation.
5. Persons other than the Media representatives, and representatives of advertising publications, catalogs, Internet portals of commercial, reference or specialized topics not related to the Forum specialization are not eligible for the Media accreditation.
6. The Forum organizers may deny accreditation to the Media representatives providing misleading or inaccurate information about themselves or their Media, failing to complete the accreditation procedure within the set timing or violating the work rules at the event.
7. The Media representatives wishing to take part in the Forum coverage shall submit an accreditation application (the Application) through the official website of the Forum. All fields related to the accreditation form shall be completed in the Application. The Application that contains errors or is not fully completed shall be rejected.<
8. Accreditation of the Media representatives begins two months prior and ends five days prior to the opening of the Forum.
9. Badges are issued to the Media representatives at the check-in desk at the Forum venue, provided that their accreditation is confirmed in the Forum database, a passport is presented along with a press card or an official letter on the Media letterhead indicating an editorial task. The badge is personalized and shall not be passed to third parties during the Forum.
10. The accredited Media representatives are entitled to:
  • Use all services provided for the Media operations, including the Forum press center infrastructure;
  • Obtain information on the Forum events (press releases, agenda, etc.);
  • Attend all open events, except when the Media access is restricted due to security requirements or venue capacity;
  • Attend briefings, press conferences, press scrums, round tables and other events specifically organized for the Media;
  • Perform photo coverage and video recording of the events at the Forum venue.
11. The accredited Media representatives shall:
  • When using official information and quoting statements made by the Forum participants, follow the journalists’ work rules at the Forum with respect to so-called “mentions policy”, namely: finished materials must contain a mention of the ATOMEXPO International Forum, the source of information obtained and/or a link to the Forum website if information has been obtained therefrom;
  • When obtaining information from the Forum participants and officials, notify them about photo, audio and video recording in progress;
  • Ensure reliability of information;
  • Follow the access control rules, security requirements and public order regulations when attending the Forum;
  • When performing professional activities, present a press card or another document evidencing personal identity and authority of the journalist if and when requested;
  • Suspend (stop) photo and video recording at the request of the Forum organizers’ representatives, press center and/or security service;
  • Avoid distribution of printed materials at the Forum venue without the organizers’ consent.

For all issues related to accreditation and operation at the Forum venue, the Media representatives can contact the press service of LLC "ATOMEXPO", the Forum Operator.

Elizaveta Smirnova
mob.: +7 (905) 783-78-09